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Biopsychology, what is it and why is it important?




I think the phenomena of biopsychology influencing psychology and behavior in the workplace is very important. I think the idea of biopsychology in general is so important for the psychology and mental health fields because it encourages our providers to look for all possibilities of reasons for clients behavior rather than just looking in one or two specific areas and then being at a loss for the solution when someone doesn’t fit the mold of what they are used to diagnosing. I think this has been a common problem in our mental health and psychological fields for a long time. We deal with practitioners that are trained to think only about one specific area of a person. Then we provide as a society a whole lot of these specific undertrained providers to our public. Especially to those who are on Medicaid and need help from Bio-psychologically minded provider more than any other type of population that I’ve witnessed in my experience working in mental health. Yet, they are the last ones to get this type of whole-health-focused type of treatment. So we commonly have this issue of folks not getting what they need and then turning their backs on the field altogether. Another area that this hurts our communities is with Addiction. People who struggle with addiction typically continue to struggle with addiction forever because they seek treatment and can’t find it, or they find it and it barely tips the iceberg in terms of what these individuals needs.

Applications of Biopsychology


I strongly, believe that all mental health and psychological facilities should be equipped to offer or at least refer patients to all the various types of treatment and testing needed to help folks in a Biopsychological way. There needs to be much more integration when it comes to treatment of a human being. We are far too complex and complicated beings to treat with only one modality. Additionally, I feel we have been trying to move in this direction with the formation of complex treatment teams and supervision and upgrading the requirements of our providers. But I also feel this just complicates things for our healers in the world without doing much to help the patients. The way that I’ve seen it been done beings more work for our clinicians without bringing more success for our patients. I think the missing link is looking in the right areas and actually utilizing the time correctly that spend doing treatment team. In my experience these sessions are used asking questions that aren’t important and just making it through the time without finding viable information that can really help our patients. But mind you, this perspective comes from only my experience in one facility that strongly lacked resources and funding and worked solely on Medicaid insurance billing. But this population and community is so important to me and I feel we do need solutions here very badly in the non-profit worlds that I come from.

That being said, I saw a lack in resources and providers need referral sources to all the different types of clinicians and scientists who can perform all of the types of biopsychological testing needed to look at a whole person and really make an informed decision on how to treat a person. I feel like if the access was available then everyone would treat their patients with that much care and consideration.

Neuroscience: The Brain and the Body


Disciplines in Neuroscience

In neuroscience there are different disciplines that relate to the field and one of these is Biopsychology. Biopsychology is sometimes called psychobiology, behavioral biology, and behavioral neuroscience. Other disciplines that are sometimes related to Biopsychology and often get entangled with it are chemistry, physics and psychology. Other disciplines that Biopsychology draws on are as follows:


  • Neuroanatomy-the study of the nervous system
  • Neurochemistry-the study of the chemical bases of the brain
  • Neuroendocrinology-the study of nervous system disorders
  • Neuropharmacology-the study of the effect of drugs on the brain
  • Neurophysiology-the study of the nervous system functions


Converging operations

Now when attempting to answer questions as a scientist or a researcher it may take more than one of these disciplines to draw the appropriate conclusion. For example if a treatment team is  trying to figure out how to appropriately help someone who has lived in addiction for 12 years then we might want to call upon the specialist in Neuropharmacology to look at how the drugs have affected the brain. However after we find the damage and know now that the chemical operations in that same brain are out of whack, we would want to utilize Neurochemistry to help decipher how to bring balance back this chemical makeup.


The most significant discipline

Though all the disciplines are important and significant in their own way, I do have stronger feelings about some than others. I also believe that it depends on the scenario in which you would want to use the science as to which discipline is the most important. But, if we are talking about personal opinions and feelings than Neurochemistry-the study of the chemical bases of the brain, is the type that I find the most intriguing and significant in regards to the things the things that are important currently in my life.

I have been on and off of antidepressants and anti anxiety medications since I was 18 years old. I’m 31 now and I’ve recently come off of them again. I study topics relatig to Neurochemistry in order to understand my own mind and chemical bases of my brain. I’ve learned what different chemicals in the brain are responsible for and why you need which ones. I’ve learned what helps to regulate all the different chemicals and what natural and homeopathic medicines aid in the production of these different chemicals. I’ve also learned what it takes to maintain a healthy balance of chemicals and how other systems in the body are related to the brain functioning and thus connected to the study of neurochemistry. Did you know that gut is commonly referred to as “the second brain”? This is because is just as responsible for creating the chemicals necessary in mood regulation as the brain in your head. So, the most important bit of information in all this is that there is a plethora of systems in the body and they all work intelligently together to make a whole functioning person, but I learned about the entire body by beginning with the brain and chemicals.

Beautiful soul, go anyway

People will disappoint you. But don’t stay disappointed. We must learn how to learn from situations and take the good into our future.

See there are times along our journeys where the Universe calls you to step up. It wants to give you more blessings, more success, more beautiful magical feelings. But in order to do this you must rise. Rise into a new vibration.

Unfortunately, not everyone can rise with you. Unfortunately you’ll have to step up and away from those who can’t seem to rise in vibration with you. Unfortunately some of those people will get mad and jealous and won’t be happy for you as you rise. They will attempt to pull you back down. They will never be able to see the new higher vibratory version of you that you are. They will think and believe that you are still low.

Leave them where they are at. 

Keep going. Keep growing. Keep Rising. Because God didn’t evolve you into a better version of yourself so you can continue to deal with the same bad behaviors and wrong doings of the lower vibratory states.

You’ll know when it’s time to step away from them. You’ll know when it’s time to step up. You’ll know when you can no longer tolerate the dishonesty, the lack of loyalty, the distrust, the manipulation, or the using of other people. You’ll know when you can only function around other people who’s souls are on fire. You’ll know when you can’t be at peace with people who aren’t happy for you when you succeed.

Beautiful soul, go anyway. Your heaven is waiting and the world needs you in your fullness.

Beautiful soul, go anyway.


-Your Higher Self

That’s classified information, buddy

Labels aren’t usually intended to hurt people.

In the world of mental health practitioners use labels to classify conditions and disorders and make it easier to diagnose, treat, and discuss the problems of the patients they work with. So how can we classify behaviors without running into the issues that cause harm to our patients? Such as when a diagnosis reinforces a negative belief system that was pre-existing in the patient prior to the diagnosis.

Well, this is tricky. Stigma is a large part of this issue. Society deems those with certain diagnosis and labels to be a certain way and then we unconsciously group all individuals with that diagnosis into the a small box of folks with extreme symptoms. Such as people with Bi-polar disorder get a bad rap for the very high highs and really low lows in mood that the disorder can cause. They get depicted on TV as these careless, reckless, un-predictable types who do insane things and have horrible issues in life. Now where there is some truth the stigma, the ideas are usually drawn from the worst cases ever and the normal everyday person with the issue doesn’t fit into the same box. But lets say this person has always felt a little “crazy” due to their issue and then the doc diagnoses them with the disorder. The person is going to automatically flash back to all the stigmatized ideals represented by society they have seen throughout their lives and BOOM reinforced belief of being crazy.

So how do we help? Well, the big issue is ending stigma centered around mental health issues. That is no small feat. It will take conscious, consistent action by our entire collective of people over time to remove all the damage that has caused the stigma.

But on a personal level, we can all work to be okay with ourselves, our own conditions (if we have any) and work everyday to not judge others with mental illness. We can also try harder to support those who have mental illness and let them know we love them and that they are supported. Simply put, KEEP TALKING ABOUT MENTAL ILLNESS!!! MAKE IT NORMAL!!! MAKE IT NORMAL TO HAVE IT!!! MAKE IT NORMAL TO HEAL IT!!!! AND MAKE IT NORMAL TO LOVE PEOPLE WITH IT!!!!


-Rachel D. Greenwell CLSC


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Labels or no labels that is the question!

Labeling in the workplace can be good and it can be bad. We all like to be labeled really great stuff at work like “employee of the month” or “manager” and those labels can come with really positive consequences such as having more driven employees, creating a better functioning workplace by  having folks in designated roles etc. However, there are other labels we might not want to get. Today my friend at work got written up. She has been experience a lot of mental health issue since dealing with covid 19 and her performance hasn’t been what it normally is. The paper says things like “failure to blah blah blah” and “lack of …” these words were so hurtful to my friend and especially in a time where she felt as if she had been giving her all to the workplace and went above and beyond to perform well despite her mental health issues at the time. These labels reinforced negative beliefs she already had and whereas prior to the write up she was doing her best to be better and do better for the company, afterwards she lost all interest in the role when she realized her efforts were unappreciated and that her personal wellbeing was the last thing on anyone’s mind.

Labels can be harmful and hurtful. Be careful what labels you take on and be careful what labels you give to others. Words are powerful!

-Rachel D. Greenwell CLSC



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What is normal?

What is normal anyway?

This question comes to mind when investigating the implications of labeling human behaviors as normal or abnormal as practitioner. “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Said Albert Einstein. I think the same idea can be applied to normal vs. abnormal. Everybody has their own version of normality. What’s normal for one person and their unique culture, race, heritage, upbringing, personality, moral values, thinking, etc may be completely different than the next person. So, a fish’s life swimming around and looking at sea shells and sand all day may seem very abnormal to the bird in the sky who is used to clouds and trees.

With the whole fish analogy being said, I would conclude that humans being labeled as normal or abnormal in terms of human behavior can be very damaging. I think this is a label that practitioners, or well outside sources in general shouldn’t be allowed to give to a human being. We are far too vast, complex, and unique to have only these two broad categories to fall into in regards to human behavior. Additionally, normality is defined by Google as “the usual” or “routine”. This means that a persons normal is what is or isn’t usual, routine, common, or familiar in their lives and this my friends, is something that it sounds to me should be up to the individual. I feel that I have the personal right and responsibility to create my routine and common lifestyle that is dependent upon the things that make me happy and excited about life and if my practioner doesn’t find my practice of barefoot midday yoga sessions or taking PTO to watch Rom Com’s and cry all day “normal” then that’s just too bad.

-Rachel D. Greenwell CLSC



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5 things that a good friend does ✔シ


Beige and Gray Minimalist Quote Instagram Post


1. LISTENS-a good friend listens when their friend is speaking. And not that “waiting to respond” kind of listening. I mean reallY listening like putting yourself in their shoes and feeling their feels while listening.

2. EMPATHIZES-a good friend will care about their friends emotions as if they were their own.

3.STANDS UP FOR THEIR FRIEND- a good friend defends their friends against haters and shit talkers. Especially when their friend isn’t around to defend themselves

4. SUPPORTS- a good friend supports their friends NOMATTER WHAT! Even if your friend makes decisions you don’t agree with, you still have their back and believe the best about them.

5. TAKES CARE OF THEMSELVES FIRST- a good friend does good self care and doesn’t put their friends needs before their own. A good friend knows that they are the best friend when they are at their best so they love themselves first.
I hope you enjoyed this post. If you need help or want to check out any of my work you can find all of the information below at the bottom of this page.
Thank you for your time and energy!

Light & Love

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Daily Lifecoach Advice ☑️

Daily Lifecoach Advice ☑️


  • When you feel upset, take a breath and then think about how you want your partner to respond to you if the situation was reversed
  • Throughout the work day, find small ways to maintain connection. Send cute texts, call just to say I love you, send sexy selfies. Even if you’ve been together for years. These things still matter.
  • Write hand written letters and cards for no reason. In our age of technology nothing matters more than time, presence, and something tangible to show someone you care.
  • Learn your partners love language. The love languages help us to see what form of communication our partner finds the most valuable and your actions will mean so much more.
  • On a daily basis, find areas where you need to improve yourself to be a better partner. Do you need to apologize for anything? Do you need to make a sacrifice or compromise on on something? The best thing you can do for your partner is self improvement.
  • Ask for what you need. Our partners cannot read our minds. Sometimes all your partner wants is to know how to be a better partner for you too. Verbalize your needs so they can show up for you.
  • Maintain realistic expectations. Our partners are humans. Sometimes at the beginning of a relationship we can unknowingly put our partners on pedestal because the passion is so intense that we only see all the great things about them. But as your relationship continues remember to put them back down here on earth. Having unrealistic expectations creates disappointment for you and is really unfair to them. Expect people to be human, even your amazing partner.
I hope you enjoyed this daily advice. If you need help or want to check out any of my work you can find all of the information below at the bottom of this page.
Thank you for your time and energy!
Light & Love
Rachel D. Greenwell
I am Rock-L Life & Spiritual Coaching
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Check out my book How to Wear A Crown on Amazon:
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Covid 10: Surviving Quarantine

I’m listening to Andy Brashear (Kentucky’s Governor) do his 5:00 pm speech for the who-knows-what-th day that we have been on “Healthy at Home”. Yeah, I do my posts and use my hashtags. As supportive as I am of coming together throughout this whole thing I can’t help to feel this overwhelming feeling of “I’M SO FUCKING TIRED OF THIS SHIT!” lol.

I am. I’m tired of it. And I bet I’m not the only one either. Now, I LOVE being at home. I love working from home and I love being home with my kid and my husband. But I hate being scared of some virus. I hate feeling stuck or so limited like we are. I also hate seeing my kid so bored and begging to go do things that we can’t do. It’s hard. It’s very hard. This whole thing has come with some interesting challenges to say the least. But I think I have found a few tips that have have really helped me survive this time so far. I have been struggling with my mental health as much as anyone else. Depression, anxiety, ptsd, awful dreams, lost memory, and lack of focus. The pandemic mental health crisis is getting severe and it’s time for us to all learn a little bit of these skills that have been able to help me improve my wellness during this time.


1.) Do what is right for you during this time

Some people are working non stop remotely from their home office and that is helping them maintain a sense of normality. Other people are still working in the field and others are off work right now. I know that many of us do not have a choice as to which one of these options we want to do, but if you are financially, mentally, and emotionally able to choose one for yourself I suggest taking a look at your personality, mental health needs, family situation, so on and so forth in order to do the best thing for you and your current situation. I was working remotely for another company and had to make the decision to take a break from that job right now and just be home because it was too difficult to work and be a mom at the same time all day long. I’m finding myself to me much more happy and balanced now and my mental health has improved drastically. Check with your jobs, insurance, and things like that to see what benefits you have during this time.


2.) Balance out your day with scheduled work and play

While struggling with my mental health during Quarantine I will catch myself laying around all day one day and then going hard cleaning and organizing the next, then  a whole day of talking to people on the phone and then a day of no communication at all. I began balancing all the different activities and things I can do to stay sane and happy while Quarantine-ing (?? that is so not a word lol) and trying to make sure I touch on a broad range of different things throughout each day instead. I have loved how full and dimensional my days feel now that divide my time up amongst all the stuff.


3.) Get physical

Okay, I know this is so obvious and has been said by every governor in every state  and by every life coach or teacher on social media, but it’s because it’s SO IMPORTANT! We have so much anxiety right now over this pandemic and our bodies are flooded with chemicals that are signaling our brains to RUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN! So give your body what it thinks it needs and move around every day for a least a little while. You will feel that anxiety let up pretty fast. You’ll thank yourself afterwards, and hey… if you come out on the otherside of the Pandemic with nice abs or round booty that doesn’t hurt either does it? lol


4.) Drink a beer, but not too often.

Liquor stores are considered essential business and THANK GOD for that right? But Alcohol might not be your best friend right now with the added anxiety and depression caused by covid. Alcohol is a depressant and can actually worsen those mental health problems you’re having right now. So can caffeine. Now don’t get all defensive, but that coffee and wine or redbull and beer might be adding fuel to the mental health fire right now. I’m not saying don’t drink them *rolls eyes* I mean, I’m not a monster lol. I’m just saying moderate moderate moderate! Be careful how much of these substances you are consuming and be mindful of how they are effecting your mood. If you’re finding your symptoms are getting worse then cutting back might be what you need.


5.) Try virtual counseling, therapy, or coaching

Virtual counseling, therapy, and coaching is more readily available now than ever! So what a better time to try it out? You’re already stressed and depressed and having a professional to talk to who can really help you through this is a great tool to surviving the pandemic. Check with your health insurance and HR departments to see what options are available for you.  You may even check out that awesome deal that the really really cool life coach chick has going on right now *cough* me *cough*.  (insert shameless promo) 🙂


6.) Talk Talk Talk, Skype Skype Skype

Talking to your friends and family on the phone, facetime, skype, zoom, facebook messenger and whatever other technologies we have in 2020 is a great way to stay feeling connected while we are all having to stay apart. Try staying in touch with all your usual folks and it’s even a great time to reach out to those buddies who you haven’t talked to in a while. You could even take up another form of communication like a daily blog, facebook post expressing your feelings, or a start a youtube vlog about your experience. Expression and connection are the keys here.


7.) Cook new things or meditate, ya know the things you don’t normally have time for. 

I’ve been getting really inspired in the kitchen to try cooking things that I don’t normally have the motivation, inspiration, or time to cook. I’ve been meditating more and working on projects that have been collecting dust. It’s that time. The time to focus on all the things that you never had time to focus on before. Get caught up on that scrapbook or re-decorating the bathroom (yup i did that one too). It’s fun, productive, and you get to feel successful during a time that has left us all feeling a little well, not so useful. Except for the essential workers of course lol


8.) Find a new hobby

If that last one made you wrinkle your brow then you might need to find a new hobby. Make some masks, start a journal, learn guitar, try baking, download tik tok, or read some new books. Make a list of all the things you have wanted to try or do and just haven’t yet and get to knocking them off the list one by one.


9.) Allow yourself to be fucked up about it

This one is super important. Like, just let yourself be a hot mess sometimes. I know most of my advice is really self helpy (also not a real word). But not judging ourselves and how we are handling a GLO-BAL PAN-DEM-IC…is the best thing to do. If you haven’t been able to “make the most of it” or “use this time productively” then that’s ok too. If you completely ignore all of the blogs (including mine) drink a lot, do nothing but watch netflix, and eat movie theater butter popcorn smothered in extra buttery spray from a weird aerosol (that I know nothing about of course lol) then that’s ok too. You are worthy and awesome and I’m so proud of you for just surviving it. You’ll get through it and you will be ok.


10.) Be present with yourself and your family 

The hardest thing to do right now is just be present. Probably because we are so centered around questions that deal with the future. “When will all of this be over?” “when will I get my damn stimulus check?” “What will the ‘new normal’ look like” and so on and so forth. But if you can learn to resist the urge to wander off into the future and just be right here, right now, with yourself and with your family and embrace the time for what it is. Whether the time is good and you’re having a blast reading all of Trumps tweets each morning or you’re basking in self loathing in front of the TV. Just let it be what it is. It is a globabl pandemic, we are social distancing, we all feel lots of stuff, it’s crazy, it’s weird, and it’s unsure and scary. But it is what it is and we can choose to INHALE through your nose (go ahead actually do it right now while reading this) HOLD that breathe in your lungs, then simply LET IT GO out of your mouth. Be grateful that you have that breath and be in this moment. You are safe right here right now and right now you’re ok.


Thanks for reading. Make sure to check out my other stuff @iamrockl on all Social. 🙂

Rachel D. Greenwell

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