When I refer to the “multi tasking momma” I’m talking about the woman plagued with modern women syndrome. The lady who is trying to fulfill all the roles of the more historic version of what a women should be and also all the roles of what society expects of women today. It’s the woman who is trying to be the best mother and housewife by attending the PTA meetings, making the gluten free cookies for birthday party, doing the spring cleaning, and cooking dinner for her family that represents all the tiers on the food pyramid. It’s the women who while doing all the stuff I just said, is also trying to write back to 100 emails, make 7 meetings a week. Do the list of tasks her boss dropped on her desk yesterday, write all the papers for her online college course (because she has to further our education right?), and do it all while wearing Steve Madden heels and without dropping the ball on her side hustle. She is the woman with a spit up on her suit jacket, she is the woman with a laptop under one hand and a Starbucks coffee in the other. She is the women who can change a diaper while landing that next big client on her cell phone. She is the woman who uses her lunch break to go to the gym and thinks “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” She is the super woman. The do it all women. That Is the multi-tasking momma.  

The Stress Related trait of Multi-Tasking 

So if my rant about trying to do it all didn’t give it away already, I’m talking about the stress related trait of Multi tasking. You may also be able to tell that I have a personal connection to this topic (he he). The relationship between multi tasking and stress is simple. The anxiety is leading to an overwhelming need to try to figure out a way to do it all and micro time management has become the solution. The multi-tasking momma has the hyper vigilant ability to identify every single spare second of the day and formulate a plan to utilize that second in the most effective way in order to shrink the size of her to-do list.  This isn’t #momlife anymore….this is #WAR (dun dun dunnnn!) And the multi tasking momma is soldier driven by her over stimulated amygdala. With a media temporal lobe lit up like a christmas tree…finding the most opportune moment to get another task done isn’t just a small success it is achievement of AVAIDING DEATH ITSELF! This is her life on the line people! This is her role in society, her self image, her reputation a woman, ITS SERIOUS! If someone has this trait they are much more prone to stress and anxiety then the average single task person. As a multitasking momma myself who struggles to keep her stress levels at bay, It is no surprise to me that there is a link between this behavior and stress.  


Rachel @iamrockl