Problem solving techniques are tools that help us to figure out the solutions to our problems which makes my little life coach heart sing!!!!!! LA la la! I LOVE solution focused shit! YES! So if you were in the market for some new problem solving techniques that can super charge you into a solution focused fabulous type…you are in luck!

Some examples of common problem solving technique are: 

  • Clearly defining the problem-involves stating the true issue in the simplest terms in order to better find a solution. 
  • Try different approaches-involves coming at the problem in many different ways to see which solution works best. 
  • 7 levels deep-involves asking why questions repeatedly in order to find the root cause of the issue. 
  • Getting away from the problem-involves taking a break from the issue in order to clear the mind and then coming back with a fresh start. 
  • Involving other people or group mind-involves getting the opinions of multiple people to be armed with more information from a group conscious perspective 

Two of these problem solving techniques that work best for me is: 

  1. Getting away from the problem-I often get overloaded in my thinking and I’m an awful multitasker so sometimes I can just fry my brain to the point where I can’t think about the issue anymore and staying there trying to figure it out just seems to make it worse. I do this when I’m creating content like books or courses often. When I get to that mind numbing fried feeling…it’s best to just back away and go outside and take a break from it all. After taking care of me and letting my brain relax, I usually come back in and have new perspective and can easily work out whatever issue I had. So if you can’t solve your problem…just take a fucking break already lol
  1. 7 levels deep challenge- As an entrepreneur I’ve been working very hard to change my money mindset. I had a huge problem with accepting money for my services and product when I first began. It’s better now. Not good, but better. I found that there is so many belief systems that we have about money, abundance, accepting, spending, and so on and so forth that keep us from being able to make money for our own business. I found the 7 levels deep challenge from Dean Gratziosi- a self made millionaire, author, and motivational speaker. I did used this challenge to figure out the true reason why making more money was something I wanted in my life. I started with, “well, because I wouldn’t have to worry about bills and stuff” and then you ask why is that a good thing 6 more times until you are left with your root reason for something. I found my root reason for wanting to increase my income was to fulfill my souls mission in the world, be more connected to the people I love, and feel true freedom. Knowing that my root reason was far from superficial (one of my bad belief systems about wanting more money) I was able to move into the direction of furthering my business. So if you are having a tough time making that big change…go a little deeper to find the real problem and the real solution to go with it! Focus on the right shit and you’ll get the right result! BOOM

Well that’s it! I hope you liked my tips for problem solving. Stay solution focused yall!


Rachel D. Greenwell

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