Human Cognition: 

How the brain works like a computer 


I believe that the human brain works like a computer. I have been teaching on this subject in relation to my work for years. I use this theory in teaching meditation when explaining how the brain works to help people gain control over their minds. I say to folks “the thoughts are like tabs on your computer screen, meditation is the process of looking through each tab and deciding If you can close it or not. When all the tabs are closed and the you are just on the home screen…that’s the meditative state” I encourage people to think of the brain as something separate from the. I AM not my mind I AM the owner of the mind..right? If I own the mind the I can control the mind, not the other way around. This concept is discussed on www. when Winston Ewert says “the conscious mind is better understood as something that interacts with the computer than the computer itself” 

This type of computer like brain functioning works on so many different levels however and doesn’t just apply to meditation and self talk like I use it in my work. You can apply this to memory with short term and long term memory being like if I saved a document to my desktop or hard drive. We could tie the spiritual in by relating the cloud storage to soul memories of past life events. We can equate the way that a computer needs a power source and time powered off to our needing food and rest. We can even relate different types of processers to different types of brain activities like an ADD person could be said to have a multi processer. Even my iPhone intuitively knows what I want it to next sometimes just like an empathetic human being…there is really so many ways that I believe that this works and I think that the more that humans develop computers and technology the more technology will mimic the human mind. Because afterall, we created it in our likeness right? 


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