I have been using sleep hypnosis and recordings that feed positive affirmations to my subconscious mind as a therapeutic and spiritual practice for many many years. I learned about the brain and how it works and the different levels and what waves are admitted during what sleep stages and all of that fun stuff. I dug deep into learning and memory and how to break bad habits with self talk and changing our subconscious belief systems. I remember feeling that I was wasting time during sleep that I could be using to super charge my habit breaking ability. So I hit up my go to resource. YouTube of course and went down a rabbit whole of sleep meditations. I discovered self hypnosis for sleep. I found out what the hell binaural beats are and why I would want to listen to them. I found tracks that consisted of 8-10 hours of positive affirmations on any and every topic you could think of. There is a affirmation audio designed to help you break any bad habit you could have. All for free on YouTube. I was obsessed. I loved bedtime I could consciously pick out which one of these tools I could use to do powerful soul expanding mind opening or emotional work while fast asleep. I got to rest while my brain still acquired more information and wake up feeling a little more healed. Well, uh YES! As a self help junkie, this was the best news since sliced bread to me!

Now, where a lot of scientific articles will talk about the history of sleep and memory forming and how many have tried and practiced this technique over the years and it has been deemed pseudoscience and then made its way back into the professional science arena and blah blah blah! Many people still don’t know about it or take it very serious. I however take it very serious. For me, the proof is in the pudding. If I feel depressed and I put on a sleep track for depression, I wake up feeling better. Feeling no so confident lately. Throw on those self esteem boosting affirmations for my 8 hour sleep session and wake up ready to take on the world. Utilizing sleep time and space in order to boost your self help and self development processes has been so life changing for me that I tell all my clients to practice this too. I will forever use this practice in my own healing journey and I super encourage whoever is reading this blog right now…to do the same. Hey, it’s worth a try isn’t it? And if it changes your life anything like it has changed mine then you will be soooooo glad you did!ย 

-Rachel D. Greenwell